Free Excel/Xls to Pdf Converter

Free Excel/Xls to Pdf Converter 5.8

It is a convenient and easy converting documents to pdf tool

Free Excel/Xls to Pdf Converter is a software program designed to convert Microsoft Excel files into the universally accepted PDF format. Its single-window interface is one of its most notorious advantages - it is easy to use and allows you to configure all the required parameters to get a resulting PDF file that matches all your needs.

Among the most interesting features of this program, you are allowed to export the Excel file contents as text (when possible), and to convert the entire Excel file contents or just the active window. Of course, you can customize the page size.

This program, however, forces you to have Microsoft Office installed in your system, which might be a problem sometimes, especially when you need to make the conversion precisely because you do not have access to the Office package. Besides that, each time you run the program you are asked to choose whether to run the free version, the share version, or to register the program. The free version is, in fact, a standard trial version, even though it comes in a different installer than the shareware version. That may result pretty annoying, and it is certainly misleading. A similar thing happens every time you click the "Convert" button - another annoying window appears suggesting you to buy and register the program. Again, why so many requests to register a program that is supposed to be free? By the way, the main difference between the free and the registered versions of this tool seems to be the possibility of performing batch conversions, not available in the free version.

Finally, when you try to close the program for good, once again a window appears directly asking you to enter your information for registering the program. You can close this window, but the main one is still there, making it difficult to close the program at all! So next time, when you are asked to confirm if you want to close the program, choose "Cancel".

Ricardo Soria
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  • Friendly interface
  • Easy to use


  • Too many requests for you to buy and register even when downloading the free version
  • Requires to have Microsoft Office package installed on your system
  • Difficult to close
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